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Hand-carved Hardwoods from the Pacific Northwest

by Norman L. Brown, Woodcarver

Welcome to my page.  I have been a wood artist for over thirty years, specializing in wooden bowls and wildlife sculpture.  

Traditional hand-carving techniques and tools give me the flexibility to emulate things from nature and create geometric shapes.

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Hand-carved Hardwood Bowls

What I Do Best

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Large Wooden Bowls

All hand-carved from local woods

Each of my wooden bowls is carved from a single, solid block of wood.  Many of my bowls are 30 inches across or more.  I start from raw green logs and it takes a large tree to make a large bowl.

My designs are solely my own, and all of my carving is done manually.  So, no machines, no computers, no lathe. Just my imagination applied to local raw materials to create each one-of-a-kind piece.


Natural Branch Form Bowls

Retaining the character and shape of the log when carving branch form bowls.

The knobs, burls, knots and grain all show through in each of my carved wooden bowls.

I use only a clear, food safe finish so that the natural beauty shows through and each piece is functional art.

Apple Wood Bowl Branch Form 4-4.JPG

Shapes that Emulate Nature

Grain patterns often determine the shape of a bowl

I study the grain of each log, starting with the bark, before cutting it into blocks of wood, and study each block before I start carving, as the wood grain directs me to the finished bowl

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About Me

Years of Experience

I'm a full-time wood artist, I've been carving for over 30 years and have been a full-time artist for nearly 20 years.  

Wood art is my life. I carve hardwood bowls using traditional hand tools. I start with freshly cut trees, then study each log to determine its best use and the potential sculpture encased within. I strive to expose and accentuate the beauty of the wood grain as it reflects shapes and textures found in nature. I use local waste wood, that would be land-filled or burned, to create art that gives both visual and tactile pleasure.

I am devoted to the use of traditional hand tools and carving techniques. I am also an avid collector of antique woodcarving tools, and enjoy sharing my art through teaching and demonstrating.

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From people who own my carvings

I received my beautiful hand carved black walnut bowl and the workmanship is remarkable.  Although the bowl seemed beautiful in the photos, this piece of art is amazing in person.  I searched for a wood bowl for months. Nothing I have seen can compare to this piece.


My apple wood bowl is beautifully hand-carved and finished to perfection.  This piece of art is even more exquisite in person.  A welcome addition to my collection of hand crafted wooden bowls.


My apple wood bowl is a beautiful piece that will last for generations.  It has a smooth satin finish and an organic shape that is stable when piled with fruit.


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